Solutions from the ground up

Trucks and industrial vehicles come in just about every size and configuration. But they all have one thing in common – they need axles to run on. And that, in a word, is our business – axles.

Our expertise is in knowing how to convert the forces generated by a vehicle into effective work on the ground.

We specialize in heavy-duty truck axles, typically planetary reduction axles. Our product assortment consists of a full range of drive and non-drive front axles, single and multi-axle rear axles, and axles for special purposes such as military and industrial use.
In fact, if we don’t have it, just ask. We take pride in providing the optimum solution for every customer’s need.

As a medium-sized flexible company we offer short lead time with responsive, top-quality service with big muscles behind; as we have been a part of Marmon Highway Technologies since 2011.

We keep Your wheels running!

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