Sisu Axles carrier assemblies and components are designed to perform in the harshest military and commercial off highway conditions. Our custom designed axles require robust carriers to support the appropriate load and torque for each unique application.

Our product offering includes complete new carriers, as well as individual components. We offer complete new carrier assemblies – Core Free. We also have kits – everything you need to assemble a new carrier yourself.

  1. Major kit contains everything needed to build a new carrier
  2. Minor kit (NRP – No Ring and Pinion) includes everything except for the gear set.
    Sub-assemble a carrier ahead of time and complete it to the specific ratio that your customer needs just by adding the gear set.

And we take pride in our coverage of individual components for all of these carriers.

Carrier Components
Bearing and Seal Rebuild Kits
Cap and Carrier
Interaxle Differential Repair

Differential Case Halves
Differential spiders, pinions
Fasteners, shims, spacers
Ring and pinions
Side Gears
Thrust Washers