Sisu Axles OEM

Sisu Axles OEM is an independent axle manufacturer for heavy duty truck, military, container handling and industrial applications.

We are a world-wide player, with applications using our axles on every continent from the United States to Australia. We provide you high quality, short lead time, flexibility and excellent product performance based on strong application know-how used in engineering.

Heavy Duty Truck Axles from Finland

Sisu Axles OEM has roots in Finnish Heavy Duty Truck, Military and Special Vehicle Industry since 1930s’.  Decades of development in Finland’s tough conditions has generated one of the world’s strongest axle family. Therefore, we have a wide understanding of vehicle technology around the axles.

Sisu Axles OEM business unit is located in the city of Hämeenlinna, Finland, 100 km north of Helsinki. At the unit we design and produce axles, differentials and independent suspension components.

Sisu Axles OEM is Your Partner when it comes to demanding heavy duty applications.

We keep Your wheels running!