SIS Series

Extreme heavy-duty drive independent axles with low profile differential. Planetary wheel-ends provide maximum durability and superior traction at low speeds.

Fully immersed water fording capabilities in either salt or fresh water. Enhanced serviceability through maintenance free components and differential separation from subframe.

Available in independent and through drive configurations for 4×4’s through 8×8 ‘s

sis series
  • Axle Weight Rating (GAWR): 6 – 14tn
  • Double wishbone suspension
  • Hydro-pneumatic or coil-spring & damper suspension
  • Hydraulic or pneumatic disc brake
  • Separate subframe & vibration damping
  • CTI capability
  • Final drive ratios 5,7 – 7,5 (+ custom ratios on demand)
  • Salt and fresh water swimming

sis series explained


  • Cranes
  • Electric Utility
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Military
application military vehicles
application electric utility vehicles

Application data sheet for independent suspension axles (.xlsx)